What are the investor's benefits of working with an Avantax Advisor?
Why did Ron choose to become an Avantax?
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What are the investor's benefits of working with an Avantax Advisor?

Your Avantax Advisor, Ron, is highly trained to understand your needs and to help you develop the financial strategies that can address them — today and over the long term. He is committed to understanding you, your financial needs, investment objectives, tolerance for risk, time horizon and any other factors that may affect his recommendations.

Through Ron, you benefit from Avantax's powerful capabilities.  Avantax puts all of the resources of its firm behind him to help you pursue your goals:

  • Objective Investment Advice

    Unlike many investment firms, Avantax does not sell proprietary products, so Ron can choose from a multitude of investment and insurance products. He concentrates on understanding your needs and goals, rather than on promoting specific products or investments. As an Avantax Advisor, he has the maximum freedom of choice when making client recommendations with access to over 5,000 different mutual funds offered by 250 different fund companies. Rest assured that your portfolio is custom-crafted to appropriately suit your goals and financial needs.

  • A Professional Money Management Team

    Investing with Ron and Avantax means you receive proactive account management tailored to your specific investment goals. A team of full-time investment professionals will design and recommend asset allocation models and implement your portfolios. And Avantax's in-depth research is a critical part of determining fund choices, asset classes and portfolio weightings. 

  • Continuous Monitoring and Rebalancing

    Rapidly changing economic conditions around the world may affect the asset class weightings of your portfolio. In addition, over time, some asset classes will outperform others, causing the current allocation to deviate from the target portfolio. Your portfolio is monitored on a continuous basis, and rebalancing occurs when there is a need to bring each asset class back to the original parameters. This ensures your portfolio retains the asset allocation that will help you pursue your long-term goals.
    Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

  • A Superior Reporting Package 

    We take great pride in keeping you informed on the progress of your portfolio. After you and Ron, your Avantax Advisor, have selected and implemented an appropriate investment mix, your investment progress is reported to you on a quarterly basis. Each detailed quarterly report provides you with the means to monitor your portfolio and measure your progress toward your financial goals.  

  • Highly-Trained Personal Servicing

    Your Avantax Advisor, Ron, is committed to addressing your financial goals and objectives by providing superior personalized service. He is always available for regular conversations with you about the status of your investments and changes in your personal profile. You will meet with Ron on a regular basis (several times a year) to review your portfolio and help you work toward your financial goals by following his disciplined investment approach.


Why did Ron choose to become an Avantax Advisor?



Ron joined Avantax in 1987 when he foresaw a growing need for investment management and advisory services for his clients. As an experienced accountant, Ron was already intimately familiar with his tax clients’ financial situations — and thus, was uniquely positioned to provide financial solutions to them.

Ron trained to become an Advisor with Avantax because of the firm’s dedication to providing its Advisors with some of the industry’s best education, technology, financial planning know-how and support. Avantax remains the nation’s leader in the growing market for comprehensive financial planning services for tax and accounting professionals.

Today, with 30 years of financial planning experience combined with extensive education, licensing and Avantax training, Ron truly enjoys finding solutions to help contribute towards his clients’ financial success.


The Avantax Mission Statement


To be the foremost company providing financial services through trusted, ethical, and highly educated tax and financial professionals dedicated to helping American families and small businesses pursue their financial objectives.


About H.D. Vest


Based in Irving, Texas, Avantax supports an independent network of tax and non-tax professionals who distribute comprehensive financial planning solutions, including securities, insurance, money management services and banking products.