Ronald C. Allison, owner of Century Tax & Wealth Management, is committed to total financial planning — a coordinated financial and tax planning approach which aims to increase his clients’ net worth while lowering their taxes.

In 1981, Ron founded an accounting firm, Comprehensive Business Services, to serve the tax needs of individuals and small business owners in central Pennsylvania.

As the accounting practice grew over the years, the staff saw a great need for investment management and advisory services for their clients. In 1987, the firm expanded its business focus by offering investment services. 

Today, the firm celebrates over 35 years in business with Ron's unique total financial planning approach and a new name — Century Tax & Wealth Management.

As an Cambridge advisor with over 30 years experience, Ron provides one-on-one, customized financial and tax planning, making it possible to objectively help his clients invest their assets, plan for retirement, prepare to send their children to college, manage financial risks and lessen tax burdens.

“When I started this practice in November 1981, my personal ambition was to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and small business owners. This goal remains my #1 priority.”

Ronald C. Allison, M.S. Tax, ChFC, RFC®
Financial Planner
Chartered Financial Consultant

Registered Financial Consultant